Too many pensions?

Have you got several pension plans you’ve built up over the years?

Are you now finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of them all?

We often find that many people we talk to have built up a number of different pension plans over the years, and this can be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’ve changed jobs a number of times? Or been self-employed at various stages in their lives? Or started different plans because their employer didn’t offer a pension scheme?

Whatever the reasons, having a number of different plans can be confusing. Lots of clients tell us they struggle to keep track of what they’ve got, how their plans are performing, the charges they’re paying and, most importantly perhaps, what they’ll have when they come to think about retiring and spending the money they’ve saved.

This is where we can help. A pension review will help to answer all of these questions, and will give you a clear picture of what your overall position could be when you retire. A pension review will also show whether it might be to your advantage to consider consolidating your plans into one, more manageable arrangement, making it far easier for you to understand and control in the future.

Remember – there’s nothing wrong with having several pension plans. Having some savings for your retirement years is usually better of course than having none! What matters we believe is that you understand what you’ve got, have a clear picture of where it could be heading, and then make the right decisions with our advice about where you go from here.

Arrange a pension review today – let us help you to manage and take greater control of your retirement plans going forward.