Protection For You and Your Money

Please be careful of unregulated businesses who don’t show on The Financial Services Register. Make sure you look up The Pension Review Business Ltd., a specialist pension company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference number 604182.

Any Individual or company that you choose to trust with your money should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This provides you with three layers of protection:

  • If you later feel that you were given poor advice you have the right to complain. The firm that advised you will look into your complaint, and is duty bound to ‘treat customers fairly’ in all its dealings with you.
  • The ‘Financial Ombudsman Service’ was set up to help customers if their concerns are not resolved to their satisfaction.
  • In addition, the ‘Financial Services Compensation Scheme’ (FSCS) aims to provide protection for your money should a firm be unable to meet claims against it.

Whole of Market Advice

At The Pension Review Business we work hard to ensure that any advice we offer will always be in your best interests. We do not represent any one pension company, and so are able to compare all the options available and find the best option for you.

As qualified and regulated pension specialists we will never advise you to do anything that is not in your best interests.

The Pension Review Business will make sure your money is invested in the right areas for you, and is then properly looked after and well-managed. You can rest assured you will get the best possible service, and good, solid advice that is tailored to your circumstances.

A pension review is a simple, no-obligation way of finding out how much you have in your pensions, and making sure you’re not losing money that should be yours. It will also make sure you’re getting the best deal and the right plan for you.

You control the review, and only make decisions that you are happy with and you agree are in your best interests.

Charges and fees cutting 50 per cent from British savers’ pension pots

‘’British savers are retiring with pension pots worth 50% less than some of their European counterparts, despite having invested the same amount of money, because of an array of hidden charges, one of the country’s leading pension fund manager says today.’’

The Telegraph August 2010