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Why should you have your Pensions reviewed?

In the majority of cases pension providers are taking too much of your money for themselves, and are not looking after your money well enough.

They rely on the fact that most people don’t understand pensions, so they can get away with not giving you the service you deserve and taking more of your money than they should.

The government is so concerned about what is happening to your money that they have had The Office of Fair Trading carry out a review of the market. Their findings support the view that you are unlikely to be getting a fair deal unless you’re getting advice and having your pensions reviewed.

If you allow the pension company to keep taking too much of your money and not look after it properly you simply won’t have the money you deserve when you retire.

Why we should carry out your Pension review

All our reviews are carried out by qualified, regulated pension specialists.

Your adviser will contact your pension company(ies) and get all the answers that you deserve. They will find out how much of your money is being taken by the provider, and will find out where your money is invested and how well it is being looked after.

You will receive a simple, easy to understand summary of what’s happening to your money, and your adviser will explain everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

How much does a Pension review cost?

There is no charge to you for the review of your pensions, and no charge for the summary you’ll receive or the conversations you’ll have with your adviser.

Once you know what’s happening to your money you may decide you want to do something about it. If this is the case your adviser will discuss the options available to you and the costs involved.

You are under no obligation to take any action after your review, and will not be charged if you simply decide to leave things as they are.